New Electronic UTV From Nikola! Honda Announces 2018 Pioneer models, & More!

New Electronic UTV From Nikola! Honda Announces 2018 Pioneer models, & More!

— The future of handling has arrived with the new RZR XP Turbo Dynamix Edition! Polaris has added the world’s first off-road-specific, intelligent suspension with its revolutionary Ride Command system to create a more comfortable and more confident riding experience. Dynamix suspension is the first and only suspension that adjusts on the fly for the best ride at every moment, using sophisticated sensors to monitor seven vehicle inputs and make adjustments at a rate of 200 times a second to optimize the ride. The new Dynamix Edition suspension makes active low- and high-speed compression adjustments to optimize cornering, braking, acceleration, driving at speed and being airborne. Check for the best tool boxes for your vehicle !

The real-time-adjusting Dynamix suspension takes this technology even further with the option to manually toggle between three extremely different suspension settings—Comfort, Sport and Firm. The super-soft Comfort setting is designed for cruising around and eliminating the chatter and small bumps, with the best  materials, and here are the Signs of Bad Driveshaft and How to Balance it. The Sport setting is for the ultimate blend of performance, comfort and high-speed handling. The Firm setting locks the suspension into full-compression damping for the most extreme riding conditions, such as rocks, G-outs and nasty terrain.

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This RZR Dynamix suspension is brought to life with its integration with the Polaris Ride Command system. The Ride Command’s 7-inch glove-touch display features a screen option that continuously showcases the suspension control system status—compression damping, selected mode, pedal position, G-force, steering angle, brake status and diagnostics. The whole system is designed to help riders visualize the real-time control while they are benefiting from the improved handling.

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